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Warmly welcome to Sungate Universal and our vast range of educational and experimental toys that shall make the joy of learning, discovering and having fun while playing for children and families.

Sungate Universal top quality selection of educational toys by now consists of a wide range of Educational and Experimental toys. Currently we exclusively market and distribute National Geographic Educational Toys in Malaysia. All Sungate Universal products are produced according to the latest safety requirements and are certified by the most reliable testing institutes.

By means of our range consisting of Science Labs, Space exploration, Earth exploration, Human Body exploration and experimental kits and few other science related areas; we would like to invite to experience joy of learning while playing.

We believe Kids do not play in order to learn, but they learn due to their play. True to this, we continue to put a lot of effort in the bringing of new educational toys which are of best quality, promote every child in its individual level of development and offer a lot of fun both for children and families by joyful play together.

Children are our future and we would like to make our contribution by providing quality educational toys which help children to become more familiar of the world around and improving their quality of education while motivating the parent to make more time for their children.

By following our aims, we will not cease to attach great importance on best innovative educational ideas and quality materials but our desire is that our products will be available in more places countrywide in Malaysia and other Asian countries. To make this happen we warmly invite all local partners as distributors and retailers to work with us to reach this goal.

Thank you so much for the support and we will continue to bring in more unique, quality and affordable products. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have any inquiry on our products, we looking forward to serve you.


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